Hazina is a community of partners who make a monthly financial commitment to be a compelling part of our movement. That way, we are in the field together igniting Christ’s light in many more teenagers, youth and adults across our various platforms and expressions.

Hazina is officially binding all of us into this privilege many already share. We are altering the course of history; and it is happening daily, slow and sure. The call has come to you today and the privilege is embracing you. Walk in it. Be an active part of the graciousness heaven is unlocking through the testimonies of many—givers and recipients alike. Welcome.

As Hazina receives, the community also focuses on partners by sharing the following token gifts. Thank you for receiving them as Hazina receives yours. Welcome onboard, Hazina!

So far, predominantly with self-funding, the movement has executed:

14 LightOut Outreach Concerts
• 2 ARAMANDA Festivals
• 8 Lounge464 Editions

And from the work done, the team has seen the need and hunger for more of this in Nigeria and beyond. The feedback is a constant reminder that the movement is meeting the needs of a generation seeking hope, love, expression and direction. However, the harvest is a lot! We can do much more. We want to do more. We need to!

Our desired target is to pull off 15 LightOut concerts, 1 ARAMANDA festival and up to 20 Lounge464 editions, annually! This is the vision that is quickly becoming the mission of the many. It is a joy to witness the ease at which people of diverse culture and interest are accepting to take roles and stakes in the advancement of the vision. It is indeed humbling.


N10,000 and Above, Monthly


464 Projects
Union Bank

You can also make a one-time donation to the cause.


  • A commitment to prayers, for you, regularly (Please send in prayer requests, monthly),
  • Access to Exclusive Content including but not limited to
    • Unplugged Sessions
    • New Music before it’s released
    • Goofy Behind-The-Scene  clips
    • Fly-On-The-Wall (Live Access to a Writing/Recording Session)

  • Personal phone call from Gaise Baba on your Birthdays,
  • Autographed and personalised CDs,
  • Signed lyric sheet of your favourite Gaise Baba song,
  • First access to news about Gaise Baba and his upcoming projects.

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