As An Artiste

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A 4-week intensive course on the basics of what you need to know on your journey to building a thriving professional music career.

This course has been designed for music enthusiasts on their professional music journeys. It however isn’t for any and everyone who records and releases music or poetry. It is specifically for those who make purposeful art that will outlive them, who know they’re in this for the long haul and not just a flash in the pan or candle in the wind; those ready to put in the degree of intentionality and consistency it takes to make generational impact.

How do you want to be seen, heard and known? How do you express your purest, truest and realest self through your voice, craft and art? How do you reach, engage and convert people to your community? How can you build a loyal and consistent army of “fans” who would grow with you and be committed to your success? These and much more are what this course – AsAnArtiste – covers.