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Aramanda is a music festival celebrating urban Christian content delivered in an African yet contemporary style. The ARAMANDA experience aims to connect with young, social, digitally savvy and trendy Africans who love music and are looking to experience alternative Christian sounds.

When you think Aramanda, think Coachella, think Warped Tour… then flip it for Christ! A music festival that brings joy and delight to God’s people, and doing so in different cities across the world; an Original African showcase of Christian music and art in unorthodox genres and expressions. A sweet mix of Afrobeats, Afropop, rock, rap, spoken word, dance, contortion and other expressions, to create colorful and amazing entertaining experiences for churches and Christian audiences.

Catering to a demography of ages 16-35, and serving as a platform for the expression of gifts and talents that do not fall into the more traditional praise and worship sounds, it is easy to see how this has begun to permeate culture.